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{{PD}} Thanks, NASA!

For the 20th we see Jupiter sesquiquadrate Saturn, which may cause all kinds of discomfort as we try to adjust our attempts to reach out, expand, publicize, teach, and learn to the reality, rules, or restrictions presented to us–and this doesn’t even take into account retro Merc and our need for general communication caution–but with Merc’s contact to Pallas today, a great deal of the upset can be mitigated by consulting our own inner wisdom or a trusted advisor. Guidance sought will be guidance received–all you have to do is ask and answers will be provided. If our inner voice is muffled or confused, we can look to exercise our skills as a way to ‘open the door’ for some needed enlightenment.

Just a little astro essence for tomorrow, the 20th of July, brought to you by the letter ‘P’ (for Pallas) and the planet Saturn, pictured above, lifted straight out of the brand new issue of ECLIPSE–Order now!