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Created and generously released into the public domain by Evan-Amos http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Evan-Amos

October 24th sees Venus oppose Pallas and square Vesta, while Mercury trines Pallas and quincunxes Vesta. We may be juggling relationships, finances, or values as we try to do what’s wise, and though we can think it through, our perception may be that, when it comes to actually applying what we’ve decided, it could appear to threaten the very relationship, financial situation, or life-value it’s meant to correct or benefit. It’s a time when it may be very difficult to put our money (or relationship, or choices) where our mouth is, as the saying goes–but we would be wise to grit our teeth and do it anyway, as anything that doesn’t survive this episode needed to go, anyway–even if we didn’t think so.

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