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‘Oarsmen Rowing on the Yerres’ G. Caillebotte c1878 {{PD-Art}}

Currently we’re looking at a Void now through 12:44 AM PDT tomorrow, November 3rd; Voids typically play out in weird combinations of short-circuited efforts, ennui, low energy, false starts, and sometimes the unanticipated outcome or opportunity. Today seems right on target as I wander listlessly from room to room. Thank goodness it all perks up tomorrow with the Moon’s entry into Cancer, if only by giving us a definite lens through which to inspect our surroundings. As I said in ECLIPSE:

Upon entry of the Moon into Cancer at 12:44 AM PDT of the 3rd, a trine is formed with Neptune that may set the tone for the entire transit of this, the Moon’s own sign. Events may be interpreted through an emotional lens that features fantasy, imagined circumstances, ideals, and/ or deceptions accepted as fact, and confusion is as likely an emotional ‘outlook’ as is taking a creative and imaginative tack with the day. It’s your choice, but then again, it may be rowing against the tide to try and stay super-grounded at this point. Try to channel Neptune’s seminal influence (seminal as it informs the Moon’s transit of the entire sign of Cancer) into some area where you can put creativity fueled by emotions to good use.

And for Sunday the 4th:

November 4th sees Saturn perfect his trine to Ceres and Venus reach sesquiquadrate to Sedna. We may feel a challenging atmosphere surrounding the gentle, receptive, relationship-keyed energies, as well as around those natural powers that are distinctly female; the difficulty may be that either some harder-edged inclination wants to tame, restrict, or contain these influences, or that, especially in the case of a female herself, these influences may simply be ‘forgotten’, for a time. How you react may all depend on your own balance of Saturn (reality-keyed, fixed, rigid, serious and stolid, constructive and constrictive energy) and Venus (relationship and asset-keyed, playful, desiring and affectionate, luxury-loving, jealous and teasing, receptive and symbolically soft and fluid).

I am doing a limited number of Eclipse Reports keyed to the upcoming November eclipses as they affect the individual natal chart. This is a report that zeroes in on what the eclipses might bring forward in your life over the next six months (through to the next eclipse set). Eclipses seem to elaborate themes that manifest through each individual differently, and the chart can be a helpful guide to where in life these will show and how we might best handle them. These reports are delivered by email in PDF form and will look at the ways the eclipse energies ‘light up’ the natal scenario; ideally, the report highlights the issues that will be most prominent for you, and will offer some commentary on other major transits in force at the time that may influence eclipse effects. These are not complete natal assessments, nor are they meant to answer current life questions (though they might, considering the impact eclipses can have)–instead they look at a temporary effect, like an electrical current sent surging through a circuit–until the current is re-directed six months later. That means the reports talk about targeted areas of your chart, with everything written by me personally–no computer generated material is used–but that also means that I get to the point, so if you’re looking for length or excessive verbiage (though I’m certainly capable of it!) these are not typically part of the package. Write me at my name at hotmail.com to inquire about availability–please understand that spaces may go quickly so that I cannot guarantee how long they will be available–cost is $55 for non-subscribers, for paid subscribers it’s $35 (Please, send no money until you’ve contacted me–I will bill you). Please be patient as I answer mail and set up appointments–you will be notified quickly if no space is available, and I will post here as soon as spaces are filled. And if you’d rather get the general eclipse outlook for the first event (the New Moon eclipse of 13 November), plus the detailed daily forecast and more, it’s already available, subscribe now!

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