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Niagara, The Table Rock in Winter c1847 by Gignoux {{PD-Art}}

Niagara, The Table Rock in Winter c1847 by Gignoux {{PD-Art}}

The 19th of December brings wise action (Mars sextile Pallas) and sudden developments in finances or relationships (Venus trine Uranus)–so what could go wrong? If we’re going after ambitions and desires and not being honest, fact-oriented, and genuine in the process, we could just blow it all up. The mix of influences says things could be really really good, or could go to hell, and it’s pretty much under our own control–but if we are wedded to illusion or fantasy, busy deluding ourselves, or busy hiding the truth from others, we are in for a wallop–and we can conclude, if things don’t go well, that we have been dodging reality in some way–and we’d do well to find out just how that’s been happening.

December 20th 7 AM PST the Moon conjuncts Uranus, making for shocks or surprises of our own making–really! By 9 AM PST the Moon trines Venus and semi-sextiles Chiron; we are easily injured in matters of love or money, but a willingness to be Self-responsible turns this period into one that can be profitable and very enjoyable, though don’t expect anything permanent to come out of this.

The above is from the current issue of ECLIPSE, and will be my last public post for a while. ECLIPSE continues as usual by subscription (see the many variations at right). Please enjoy a happy, healthy, prosperous, forgiving, healing, and magical holiday season! Love, jd