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'Winter Forest' Hessmert c1900 {{PD-Art}}

‘Winter Forest’ Hessmert c1900 {{PD-Art}}

January 8th sees us dealing with more contentious energies, many of them of our own making. Juno sesquiquadrates Sedna, probably making this the primary mover behind a feeling that we are losing our power and our empowerment options; we just can’t see the empowerment forest for the trees right now, and panic may result. Mars trine Vesta helps, and yet it doesn’t: it can make what we might term ‘right action’ very easy, but at the same time may put the ego, a natural promoter of fear, in the driver’s seat–so you see the problem. Venus squares Pallas as each enters the next sign, Capricorn and Aries, respectively. This pits desires against what’s smart, with neither sensibility on firm footing. A time when our judgment is askew–and yet we may be responsible for some excellent choices and actions, in the end, if we can just stay out of our own way.

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