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'Ariadne Watching the Struggle of Theseus With the Minotaur' by Henry Fuseli c1817 {{PD-Art}}

‘Ariadne Watching the Struggle of Theseus With the Minotaur’ by Henry Fuseli c1817 {{PD-Art}}

All the Lunar action this time around is contained within one quarter of the flat chart, between the NM in Pisces and its farthest aspect, a square to Ceres. This defines the activity as stressful, and possibly contentious, with the ‘new light’ of the Moon (a revelation, an idea, a new beginning) in conflict with Power and authority, with what up to now has been the ‘natural’ order, and the necessity of negotiation is obvious, indeed. Caught between the two we have Sedna in sextile the NM, and a semi-sextile from Pallas, which we normally wouldn’t count, except that it seems to comment so crisply on developments: we may be unaware of the depth of the power struggle that starts here; it likely plays on some deeply seated natural facets and long-ingrained beliefs about role and conduct (Sedna) that are at the heart of the conflict, though not obvious on the surface, and certainly about which we are likely unaware consciously (at least in terms of how they figure in to the power situation). Pallas tells us that it may be wise to allow this conflict to happen at this time–to smooth things out might push them down to fester for another day, not a good thing at all.

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