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'Arctic Sunset with Rainbow' William Bradford 1877 {{PD-Art}}

‘Arctic Sunset with Rainbow’ William Bradford 1877 {{PD-Art}}

I’m going to get right down to it, this time: the essence of the eclipse (12:57 PM PDT at 5 Scorpio 45) is that something surrounding this event will show us that what we once thought impossible is very, very possible. That can take many different forms, and is at the heart of today’s developments. The opening up of possibilities sets the stage for the next two events, a Solar eclipse on 10 May and another Lunar one on 25 May. More detail and Sabian analyses are available in ECLIPSE–but why clutter things up unless you want it?

Order today and receive all 3 issues with material on this eclipse set, plus a new issue this evening, Pacific time! Have a great one–and take the revelation you receive today seriously–if we don’t consciously choose, potentials have a way of becoming reality, whether we want them to or not.