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'The Pool of Bethesda' Robert Bateman 1877 {{PD-Art}}

‘The Pool of Bethesda’ Robert Bateman 1877 {{PD-Art}}

This is from ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest; get it all here:

29 May sees fabulous potential for healing and for use of Chirotic skills–with only a tiny possibility that some will get angry over frustrations and lash out at others. Reactions will have a great deal to do with how comfortable we are with our own wounds, how much we are willing to let go of to heal them, and how willing we are to grasp the responsibility that comes with exercising a living, vital, awake, uninjured Chiron. We take this Chirotic Self and apply it to those causes we find sacred, and to situations of home and intimate partnership–and we can make miracles that ripple out much farther than our own small spheres. Take this opportunity for progress–embrace what will heal you, even if it’s frightening, unfamiliar, or will change the way you feel about yourself. (Chiron trine Vesta, Mars semi-square Vesta)

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