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'Al Festa del Redentore' Luigi Pastega 1904 {{PD-Art}}

‘Al Festa del Redentore’ Luigi Pastega 1904 {{PD-Art}}

The New Moon in Leo 6 August 2013 at 2:50 PM Pacific time at 14 Leo 34: ‘Committing to Ourselves’

The Sabian for the NM is ‘A Pageant, With Its Spectacular Floats, Moves Along A Street Crowded With Cheering People’ This symbol depicts the spectacle of the Soul as it moves through life–the floats are our creations, our actions, the street our Path, the cheering crowd the Universe, the Souls who surround us, and those unseen who support us. It may seem like a silly and exclusive kind of symbol–how can every single person be their own parade?–but each person can, each person is worthy of such display, celebration, and support. Don’t deny this to yourself out of a false sense of modesty, or a fear of disapproval, but also don’t be so caught up in your own pageant that you deny support to others–nobody puts on a parade alone.

And here’s another view by the excellent Jude Cowell

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