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'Tranquil Pond' Gustav Klimt 1899 {{PD-Art}}

‘Tranquil Pond’ Gustav Klimt 1899 {{PD-Art}}

A Lunar thought for today, the 30th, considering situations all over:

6:30 PM PDT Saturn, Earth, and the Moon create a Water Grand Trine. This can be a period when we feel personally security and at peace, as well as sensing that we have all we need. A lovely time of balance and serenity, if we do not exchange placidity for drama. Jupiter, the North Node, and Chiron also form a Grand Trine, this one too in Water; this suggests that a healing attitude on the social scene can affect destiny–that sounds like the perfect time to pray for peace.

And one for today and the next couple days:

At this time we’re also seeing a loose Grand Square with the Nodes, Saturn, Mars, and Juno. This is a conflict centered in who will get and retain authority, the kind of influence that will determine the paths of many. Though there may be contingents starring the assertive upstart, the established authority, and the individual or group who hold authority in name only and struggle to gain it for real, betting money should, in this instance, go on the established hierarchy, ‘boss’, or current power-holders–at least for now, they will prevail.

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