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'Salida de la Luna' Guillermo Gomez y Gil 1906 {{PD-Art}}

‘Salida de la Luna’ Guillermo Gomez y Gil 1906 {{PD-Art}}

I’m prompted to add the Sabians for tomorrow’s Full Moon, already seen in ECLIPSE:

The Sabian for this Full Moon is, ‘The Harvest Moon Illumines a Clear Autumnal Sky’ . In this instance, we are the Moon: changeable, intuitive, reflecting the light as spirit, and the sky is, of course, the Universe. We find our place, or at least understand it a little better, illumined in our purpose and function. The Sun’s Sabian is, ‘A Group Of Aristocratic Ladies Meet Ceremonially At A Court’s Function’. This , I think, refers to the Collective Feminine, which is in some ways the ‘civilizing’ influence on the animus. The court, in this instance, is the Universe, but this time we may be referring to Sedna’s role in the Full Moon: she is the intuitive knowing of Woman, the Life-Death-Life force as it manifests in nature and is then organized (the Court, Ceremonially) to the benefit of (Wo)Man. This time it is the experience of all women (‘Aristocratic’ suggesting the nobility of feeling involved) through time that ‘lights the way’ to our understanding, and suggests that for men at this Full Moon, enlightenment will come through his experience of the women in his life, resulting in a deep balance of knowing and feeling for both sexes.