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Gauguin 1893 {{PD-Art}}

Gauguin 1893 {{PD-Art}}

On the current Saturn picture:

Saturn is in Scorpio, already digging up secrets, researching, and making big, permanent change, and he enjoys mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn, whose mission at present is similar; time’s planet is also currently semi-sextile Zeus (ambitions and desire/ lust), trine Jupiter (excess, the social sphere, knowledge), and square Juno (status through the partner or position, personal empowerment and effectiveness), and by early March will be retrograding. So, the planet of stability, reality, and responsibility is being affected by some of the most passionate energies in life, and, are we surprised? This is applying a lot of influence (pressure sounds much too negative) on our judgment at this time.

It’s pointing us toward a massive need to feel strongly and deeply, to connect to others or the environment with passion, to immerse ourselves in the Water of Saturn and Jupiter so that feeling becomes the principal experience at this time. The danger of not noticing and addressing this compelling emotional influence on the reality picture at present is that we may become disoriented, swept away (or aside!) by the passions we find so involving, and could see fear, another Saturnian facet, arise and take over our perceptions as a result.

7 December our attention goes to gaining cooperation, to getting others on board with our aesthetics, to doing ‘it’ together, and can easily be perverted into passive-aggression or a belief that if that’s what we want, that’s what everybody wants. Mars is never happy in Libra, and this is no exception—considering his long (through late July 2014) residence there (due to retrograde) we are looking at some truly testing circumstances for Martial energies. I think we need to get into the habit of checking our Will and our viewpoint; the big danger is that we’ll push for, even fight for, what we think is the common desire, only to find we’ve been promoting only our own wants. Mars in Libra is a tricky tightrope to walk, but can be negotiated with balance, keeping the interests of the Self and others (the Aries/ Libra partnership) on a fair and even keel at all times.

Today’s image (8 December) is a jump rope, discarded, partially frozen in a puddle. At this coldest (or hottest, depending on your location) time of the year, we may be remarkably sedentary, hiding from the weather and disinclined to get the exercise we need. Make a conscious effort to get up and moving, no matter what it’s doing outside; inspiration lies in taking action (Mars headed toward quincunx with Neptune)

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