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'The Friendly Gossips' Eugene de Blaas c1890 {{PD}}

‘The Friendly Gossips’ Eugene de Blaas c1890 {{PD}}

I’ll skip the ‘whys’ for today, the 25th, and just offer a few helpful hints: if you find yourself jealous of someone else’s status or position, stay away for now—proximity will only spark problems; whatever you do, don’t get into it with authorities—they will not respond well; and Self-talk may be unreasonably negative today—what’s on your mind hints at areas you need to give serious attention to, at some point when you’re on an even mental keel and can be as objective as possible (Perfecting today: Chiron conjunct Juno, Mercury square Saturn, Sedna)

Again, just the advice for the 26th: Hitting the books or making efforts on behalf of the group are probably the least risky ways to use our energy, and make any exhibition of skills low-key at this time—too much flash could draw attention (the unwanted kind) from higher-ups (Perfecting today: Pallas opposed Juno, Mercury semi-square Uranus)

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