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That New Moon seed may be planted in a dream. 'Legend of St. Francis--Dream of the Palace' Detail, by Giotto di Bondone {{PD}}

That New Moon seed may be planted in a dream. ‘Legend of St. Francis–Dream of the Palace’ Detail, by Giotto di Bondone {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs just a hair’s-breadth before the end of the day on the 28th, Pacific time (at 10 Pisces 39 at 11:59 PM PST). In Pisces the New Moon promises a new start for everyone, a Collective seed moment that carries all possibilities, and for the individual, it can spark a new dream, ideal, or delusion, with all the positives and negatives that those might entail.

This meeting of Sun and Moon happens widely conjunct Chiron, semi-sextile Uranus, trine Jupiter; the NM also makes a wide sesquiquadrate to Mars in Libra, which is stationed but still technically direct. These contacts infuse the creative spark or dream planted for each of us with the power of healing, an aspect of the radical or the surprising, the opportunity to expand in some way (probably in what we care about, with Jupiter in Cancer); the only discord comes from an over-exercise of ego, or perhaps from taking action based on a delusion (or perhaps based on one’s partner’s delusion, with Mars in Libra!) Look to the natal House where this NM falls for a sense of where a fresh creative development, inspiration, opportunity, chance, or mistake based on something misperceived or misunderstood might appear. If this NM makes contact to a natal body or point, consider that natal energy vital to what comes about, especially in terms of how and where (by the House the contacted body rules) the new beginning may show itself.

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