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Saturn would thoroughly approve. 'Sylvia Darning (a Sock)' Harold Gilman 1917 {{PD}}

Saturn would thoroughly approve. ‘Sylvia Darning (a Sock)’ Harold Gilman 1917 {{PD}}

Look at transits of Saturn as an opportunity to show how serious you are about accomplishment, progress, and dealing with the reality picture. It’s not glamorous, but it is a foundational energy for everything we do of consequence. Hard transits (sometimes the conjunction, square, opposition, quincunx, sesquiquadrate—that last is 135 degrees) typically begin with a challenge, something tough, unpleasant, an obstacle or a complete roadblock. We’re being asked to look at how we’ve failed to use, or have misused, Saturn energies; this is why they are appearing in external circumstances. Should the Saturn negative manifestation be an inner state (depression, hopelessness, ‘I can’t’) we’re actually facing the same circumstance, but have adopted the inner reaction attempting to convince ourselves that we’re handling it, that we’re responding. If there’s one thing Saturn requires, it’s concrete steps—and if we are telling ourselves that depression is a form of taking responsibility, we are in for one tough, probably ultra-long, transit experience.

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