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'Dancing Fairies' August Malmström 1866 {{PD}}

‘Dancing Fairies’ August Malmström 1866 {{PD}}

The conjunction of Venus to Neptune perfects on the 11th in Pisces; this can be an almost magical-feeling combination, with the desire nature and relationship/ financial/ asset emphases of Venus melting temporarily into the inspired Neptune in Pisces, fueling imagination, fantasy, dreams, creativity, delusion, and attention to the spiritual. What we get is an opportunity to imagine our ideal, and to apply that ideal in relationships, in earning situations, to living our values, and to creating. We have enormous potential for getting what we want, or for creating favorable circumstances or positioning in terms of what we want–but we can’t do that by simply imagining it. No matter how powerful our want or dedicated our visualization, we need to take action; this is a physical world where we are hoping to manifest our dream, and the unseen responds much more quickly to our desires when we take a material step to make things happen. It’s like making a statement to the Universe, “I’m willing to use my energy to get what I want”; we move, and so heaven and earth move, too.

In this case, the conjunction of Venus and Neptune occurs semi-square Juno in Aries, which also happens on the same day to conjunct the Sun. We’re being handed the recipe right here: taking initiative, a leadership role, or taking action (Aries, Fire) as we aim directly at what we want–use the status or position you already have (Juno) to make it happen (and we all have influence somewhere–don’t pretend you don’t!) The Sun shines a bright spotlight on what we need to do at a personal level; at this time there’s no excuse for not knowing how to proceed to fulfill that dream.

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