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'Nocturne in Blue and Silver' James McNeill Whistler c1870s {{PD}}

‘Nocturne in Blue and Silver’ James McNeill Whistler c1870s {{PD}}

Pluto retrogrades at 4:47 PM PDT, and may get lost so close to the Lunar eclipse. It’s not that this won’t have an effect–it will send out the psychic equivalent of infrasound–but that it will likely be attributed to the boogy man of the eclipse, which has become the catch-all Lunar basket for every menacing vibe around. The turnaround of Pluto happens below consciousness; we don’t notice it, until we notice it, typically as a shift in background, in tone, in luck–suddenly things aren’t going smoothly, secrets can’t be kept (or, conversely, something is submerged or ‘gotten away with’ which we can count on being revealed on direction), something hidden nags, something dark lingers at the edge of the light. It’s all very ominous–except it’s not; Pluto is just as much a part of the Universe as any other energy. When it’s direct we see the wisdom in taking out the trash, cleaning up the mess, in death and decay as part of the cycle, but on retrograde all we see is the trash, the mess, or the death and decay–we may be so riveted by this display that we forget it’s an integral part of making the whole thing work.

If the representative of the god of the Underworld turns around in hard aspect to any of your natal bodies or points, you may become especially aware of the darkness associated with those areas–or you may need to deal with your own or another’s power displays related to it. Pluto retrogrades for almost six months at a time; this time it goes direct on 22 September 2014 at 10 Capricorn 59. The sheer length of its apparent backward movement means we sooner or later accommodate the planet’s motion within the psyche; it soon feels like it’s ‘just the way things are’–and for nearly half a year, it is.