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 Illustration by John D Batten for "Indian Fairy Tales" edited by Joseph Jacobs, 1892

Illustration by John D Batten for “Indian Fairy Tales” edited by Joseph Jacobs, 1892

24 April Humility might be the watchword today; taking a modest tack that leaves ego, ambition, and desires on the cutting room floor is definitely the way to go. We may be very shy of getting hurt, protecting our wounds and looking for injury in every communication—and that’s just not very helpful. If we want to make any progress at all, we may need to put aside both a need for power and a demand to fulfill ambition, and instead nurture only efforts that support the highest values, and foster personal relationships that aren’t dependent on the group for legitimacy or support. Those personal connections, made for no other reason than that we care, will be the foundation for anything positive that comes forward at this time, along with choices that keep those things we honor in focus. (Juno contra-parallel Zeus, Mars contra-parallel Vesta, Venus contra-parallel Uranus and quincunx Vesta, Mercury semi-square Chiron)

3 AM PDT of the 24th the Pisces Moon sextiles Mercury; what we daydream about, actually dream about, imagine, fantasize, or yearn for carries a powerful message about something we desperately need, and how we’ve hidden that need from ourselves. Please listen to this.

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