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'The Repast of the Lion' by Henri-Julien-Félix Rousseau 1907 {{PD}}

‘The Repast of the Lion’ by Henri-Julien-Félix Rousseau 1907 {{PD}}

The Full Moon for May occurs on the 14th at 12:15 PM PDT at 23 Scorpio 54. This Full Moon is widely conjunct Saturn, conjunct Earth, and opposed Sedna-Sun, all across the Taurus-Scorpio axis, giving this FM a flavor of finality, the kind we’ve ‘known’ was coming all along, a shadow lurking at the back of our minds. When reading this FM within your own chart, make sure you read it across the pair of Houses in which the FM and Sedna-Sun fall, because this is a culmination that will be active in both arenas—in fact, it may be difficult to tell where the FM falls just by House activity, as there may be as much of an ending in the House opposing the FM as there is in the one where it occurs.

What ends may be something secret, destructive, undermining, or hidden, as the impetus with the FM may be to move in the direction of Ultimate Truth. Our instinctive understanding may tell us what is changing in terms of energy shifts and the unseen world, but we can look for some material echo of this in the House where the FM occurs—here Saturn manifests something concrete that reflects the ending or change we know is coming about.

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