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 Jean-Siméon Chardin, (1699 - 1779) (French)

Jean-Siméon Chardin, (1699 – 1779) (French)

Finally! I’m bringing ‘Born Today’ back as a daily feature–a glimpse at the year ahead for everyone born on that day–but that means forecasts and articles will be scarce. If you’re interested in those, please subscribe–and please feel free to share or email this post, buttons are below when you click on the individual post–thank you!

For those born 16 May: You may feel this year as if you’re just waking up, coming out of a kind of internal shadow that kept you from focusing on your world and its events the way you needed to. Exploration is on the agenda, as is expansion of your horizons, acquisition of knowledge (formally in a classroom or informally in daily life), and perhaps the development of an enhanced life philosophy or a new belief or two. Though the urge to go out and do will be a strong one, you’d do better to hang back for a time and let your attitude and approach coalesce into something firm that can guide choices and actions–that way when you do choose, it will suit you completely.