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'On the Beach, Trouville' Eugène Boudin 1887 {{PD}}

‘On the Beach, Trouville’ Eugène Boudin 1887 {{PD}}

This coming Solar year, Gemini, will you resist wisdom, or will you embrace it? That’s the fundamental question that will be the foundation for everything else between now and your next birthday. Will it be easy to know what the smart choice is? Not necessarily; the only way to play it may be to measure all choice against two things: your highest values, and the will of the group. Your values, if well-thought-out and clear, will always be a good measure, and what the group wants can serve in equal parts to show you when you need to cooperate, and when you are getting off-track.

Featured Solar Return aspect: Juno quincunx Zeus. Empowerment opportunities must be adjusted to accommodate ambitions, and vice versa, what we strive for must consider what real avenues to empowerment are actually available–fulfilling each is possible, if you find the right equation.

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