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Rosina-Capri John Singer Sargent 1878 {{PD}}

Rosina-Capri John Singer Sargent 1878 {{PD}}

Happy Birthday, dear Gemini, as you can look forward to a year where your intuitive abilities and emotional perception can serve you outstandingly–but that will only be so as long as you are totally conscious of where and how your ego, assertive, and ‘I Am’ energies are being deployed. Own them and you can be an unstoppable dynamo–disown them and unacknowledged feelings and motives will boomerang back on you, in both relationships and in the subjects of the House in the natal chart with Aries on the cusp. However, used effectively and with clear awareness, your enthusiasm can make you group leader or lead you to an innovative or unusual approach to meeting your goals–and this year, like the hokey-pokey, that’s what it’s all about.

Featured Solar Return aspect: Juno sextile Jupiter. Changes to status and greater personal empowerment can come from a stance of publicly caring, from teaming with the right partner, or from getting the word out about your needs and abilities. Life offers you a big stage at this time–choose carefully what you want to fill it with.

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