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Joaquin Sorolla - 'Las tres velas' {{PD}}

Joaquin Sorolla – ‘Las tres velas’ {{PD}}

This coming Solar year, dear Gemini, I’ve just got to hand it to you: it will be all about fulfilling ambitions and desires, and doing it as smoothly and effectively as possible. You’ve thought it through, you’ve got the needed cooperation and support lined up, and you’ve made these preparations with an eye to the practical and to detail. This could easily be your year–just remember, though, that the dark, dangerous, exciting, or ‘dirty’ thing may cost you, one way or another, and that pure creativity is not a strength right now–in fact, when you try to manifest it, it could end up obscuring what’s wise–so stick to that well-thought-out plan, as it elevates your Self-expression and is your best chance for significant accomplishment at this time.

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