'The Wheel of Fortune' Edward Burne-Jones {{PD}}

‘The Wheel of Fortune’ Edward Burne-Jones {{PD}}

Dear Gemini, this coming Solar year you will be dedicating your life energy to a cause you believe in deeply, to the creation of and maintenance of your home, or to the needs of your mate. Putting all your attention on just one important area of your life is a bit of a gamble, but you’ll realize it’s both necessary and worth it as you watch the way everything else falls into place around it. Of course, this energy dedication is temporary, meant to act as a focal point around which other areas, for just a while, will revolve. Its purpose is to help you draw in and establish the kind of relationships, partnerships, surroundings, and support you need for your next major step–that comes later, though, and will involve unique Self-expression, particularly of the Will, innovation or invention, and a role involving leadership, unusual work or creative circumstances, and/ or a vital new involvement with a group cause or productive goal. Happy Birthday!

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