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'Still Life with Silver Cup' Cornelis Kick {{PD}}

‘Still Life with Silver Cup’ Cornelis Kick {{PD}}

You’ll be ‘feeling your oats’ this coming Solar year, as the saying goes, dear Gemini–but will you have a natural tendency to go too far? Overstepping bounds could become an issue, one you are unlikely to face on your own and one others will be reluctant to communicate to you–and so opportunities could be lost without you even realizing why. To avoid this problem you’ll need to re-group and move your focus to cooperation–make the other guy at least as important as you–and that authority or power position you’ve had your sights on will be yours on a silver platter. Be ready to experience some deep feelings and important truths this year, as well, ones that may make you re-think current priorities. In any case, you’ll come out on top if you’ll give the needs of others a prominent place in your mind. Happy Birthday!