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Willem van Aelst - Bloementuil 17th century {{PD}}

Willem van Aelst – Bloementuil 17th century {{PD}}

Lately, dear Gemini, it seems you have been working to align efforts and thoughts into a coherent life Path, one you could follow that would take you toward your goals–and yet you’ve had some trouble gathering everything into a neat bundle. Never fear, as it won’t be long after your birthday that you’ll see a few missing things fall into place and a definite picture of where you’re headed will form. While you’re waiting for those definitive revelations, take some time to both examine what you consider wise (these principals may need revision) and to allow your creativity free rein–with this latter you are in the midst of a potentially hyper-creative period, if you can find a way to allow yourself to dream and express with no limits. Take care, though, when dealing with the darker impulses, whether it’s in yourself or others; there’s so much energy to act right now and destructive energies can, if you’re not aware of them, hitch a ride on those urges to make and do–so proceed consciously–and Happy Birthday!