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 Clouds over the Black Sea--Crimea - Boris Israelevich Anisfeld

Clouds over the Black Sea–Crimea – Boris Israelevich Anisfeld

Happy Birthday, Cancer! (If you’re a Gemini born on the 21st, please see the BT for the 20th–that one applies to you.) It appears you’ve been trying to expand your world for some time now, though most of the action has been on the home front, or within your own psyche–don’t fret, that’s all about to change, maybe very very suddenly. What shifts will be your material situation in real, concrete terms–but what occurs is only partially under your control–others will have a big say, probably more than you’d like them to. It will be your job to use intuition, the feeling nature, and your own sensitivities to parse out what from the past stays, and what goes–you need to act as your own leader at this point–and then, probably abruptly, you’ll enter a period where it seems the sky’s the limit–and that’s when you take aim and go for what you truly want!