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'Setting Out at Dusk' Charles Theodore Frere 19th century {{PD}}

‘Setting Out at Dusk’ Charles Theodore Frere 19th century {{PD}}

Happy Birthday, dear Cancer! This coming Solar year (through to your next birthday) you may be consumed with two distinct things: one is the need to take action in cooperation with others to make ambitions a reality, and the other is a need to be completely independent, on your own schedule, free of obligation (and so unreliable in cooperative situations). How can you reconcile the two? First, resolve to accept that reality requires you to deal with things as they are right now–and if that means you need help realizing ambitions and desires, then you need to acknowledge that, if only to yourself. Second, channel that rebellious streak into a group or cooperative position that allows you to lead instead of follow–in this way you can show your uniqueness and still accept others’ involvement. Also, you’ve got some deep delving to do in the area of understanding why you’ve structured your world as you have–get down to the reasons and you’ll understand a great deal about how you got to where you are today.