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Yes, you hear it coming, Cancer. 'Eavesdropping' by Vittorio Reggianini 19th century {{PD}}

Yes, you hear it coming, Cancer. ‘Eavesdropping’ by Vittorio Reggianini 19th century {{PD}}

Dear Cancer, it seems whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re busy altering your world–but why? It looks like you can sense that Love or Money is on the way, and you want to be there to greet it. You know this because you’re undergoing your own personal ‘thinning of the veil’ between the active conscious mind and its unconscious counterpart. That’s good news, as you may be unusually adept at guiding yourself through the Darkness this coming Solar year, and as well you can offer that information, with care and finesse, to others; just take care not to fall prey to old hurts or grudges–and you won’t, if you’re open to allowing them to fall away, a feat easily accomplished by the willing Cancer at this time. Happy Birthday!

Featured Solar Return aspect (this applies to everyone): Black Moon Lilith quincunx, Pallas trine Pluto=what we normally are loathe to face can be discarded, and our judgment is such that we’ll do an intelligent job of sorting wheat from chaff. Take advantage of this while it lasts!

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