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'Two Sisters on the Terrace' Auguste Renoir 1881 {{PD}}

‘Two Sisters on the Terrace’ Auguste Renoir 1881 {{PD}}

Dear Cancer, everything you do this coming Solar year will be about gaining empowerment–and that’s good, it’s time for you to enjoy the privileges and status you’ve earned, as up to now you’ve been under the thumb of authorities, paternal figures, or the weight of obligations, rules, and boundaries. Now you can celebrate your strong creative energies–they’re at their peak right now–and whatever Neptune rules in your chart will be in prime readiness and at your disposal for whatever you’d like to create. The first two-thirds of the year may be spent in what feels like the shadows, but it’s meant to keep the pressure off and allow the emotional and authoritative Self to flourish without the negative influence of too much scrutiny, so enjoy it, work quietly, and be ready to blossom about 4 months before your next birthday–and have a happy one!

A special Happy Birthday wish for the daughter of D.S., just in case she sees this 🙂

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