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Codex Manesse  Jakob von Warte {{PD}}

Codex Manesse Jakob von Warte {{PD}}

You are full of creative energy this coming Solar year, dear Cancer, but it will be all about Venus for you; Love and Money, plus the matters of the Houses in your natal chart ruled by our Lady of Love, will all be front and center through to your next birthday. You’d better be ready to discover some deep Truths about yourself, and you’re likely to act on feelings–emotional fire will be at a high point, and this may account for the majority of happenings, and the majority of problems, you encounter. If you act with care, and without reference to your own wounds, you will be far ahead of the game–that said, be ready too for change, and use that store of creative energy mentioned earlier–when in doubt, commit yourself to a creative project. And Happy Birthday!