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Basket of Apples, by Levi Wells Prentice, 1895 {{PD}}

Basket of Apples, by Levi Wells Prentice, 1895 {{PD}}

Dear Cancer, it appears you’re in a period of deep introspection brought about by certain material experiences of late–and these are direct reflections of inner issues you have not really wanted to face. Now is the time, and you have the personal strength with which to deal with things–so why hesitate? If you want to move forward, this is the way to proceed, by looking at and resolving those things you’ve been avoiding. You owe it to yourself to pursue those ambitions you’ve been putting aside in favor of handling more mundane problems–but the only way to successfully overcome those everyday issues is to deal with what you’ve been turning away from–I know, it’s around in a circle, isn’t it? But if you do deal with all you’ve been avoiding, the way will then be clear for you to think about and pursue what you need and desire–and it’s about time.

Focus on Solar Return aspect: Moon in Libra. With the Lunar essence by sign at odds with your natal Solar light, you could be in for a tough year emotionally. The good news is that the partner will be a fine source of support (no matter how it seems at the moment) and that you will have a good handle on both the best means of earning and the best way to go forward in relationships. Happy Birthday, and good luck!