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Bertha Boyntom Lum, Point Lobos, 1920 {{PD}}

Bertha Boyntom Lum, Point Lobos, 1920 {{PD}}

10 July is one of those times when it feels like there are undercurrents sweeping us this way and that, while on the surface matters are kind of clunky and hard to manage. Actions must deal with reality; there’s no room for delusions or deception, and successfully taking action means we face and modify anything that isn’t firmly rooted in the real world. This will definitely be harder on some of us than on others, but in any case what happens now will shape the Path for some time to come.

We’ll also feel a nasty or power-seeking riptide in communications; knowing the real message is hidden will help us believe what we’re sensing and answer appropriately (and don’t let someone’s indignation that you took it that way throw you off—trust your intuition at this point). And after all this, a rainbow: what we focus on at this time becomes our reward, so be sure you have your ideals in Love and Money in mind—because they’ll be at the door, knocking to come in, in no time. (Perfecting today: Neptune and Mars both parallel the North Node, Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury contra-parallel Pluto, Sun parallel Venus)

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