Edwin Harris 'A Cornish cottage garden' 1906 or before {{PD}}

Edwin Harris ‘A Cornish cottage garden’ 1906 or before {{PD}}

Look, dear Leo, it seems you’ve been digging through your life, excavating, deconstructing, and transforming circumstances on a daily basis of late, and now it’s time to take your place in the world. Claiming your rightful status won’t be easy, and you may turn away from pursuing that, still feeling that you have more digging to do–and that may keep you from going forward as assertively as you might need to. Everyone reaches a point when preparing the ground has to give way to active planting and tending, and that’s where you are right now. If you’ve still got things to purge, change, and re-construct, you’ll have to let it go for now; turn your attention instead to enlisting others who might be able to assist you in fulfilling your ambitions, and develop relationships with those who have the power or authority to make a difference, as well as with those who can offer you nurture–you’ll need them all in the days ahead. Happy Birthday, Leo, and good luck!