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La Nuit by Auguste Raynaud 19th century {{PD}}

La Nuit by Auguste Raynaud 19th century {{PD}}

You may be very focused, dear Leo, on the direction you’re headed, but not so much on what you need to get there. Somehow there’s a serious in-coordination between what you need to do and how you need to apply yourself, and the more serious issues of who holds power in your world and how they, more than you, hold command over your reality. The problem may lie in the way the individuality urge has driven forward and neglected to develop the specific skills and contacts that would fulfill ambitions. It can all be easily remedied, dear Leo, if you’ll simply put your feet on the ground for a while and attend to those matters, largely represented by the House through which Pluto is now transiting in your natal chart, that require some serious, daily attention. Then in no time at all you can allow that expansive creative urge to do its inspired thing, to much success. Happy Birthday, and good luck!

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