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'Self Portrait with Sunflower' Anthony van Dyck 17th century {{PD}}

‘Self Portrait with Sunflower’ Anthony van Dyck 17th century {{PD}}

Dear Leo, if I have to sum up the coming Solar year for you, I’d say, ‘Stressful, Emotional Communications’–but that wouldn’t tell you half what you need to know, and might be a little alarming, to boot! You will take action based on agreements, information shared, knowledge, networking, and you must remain acutely aware of just how much both what you hear and how you process it will be affected by each party’s emotional palette. A lot of what causes the stress will be seated in a feeling that you alone can act, that you must choose or lead, and that there’s little time to waste–but you’ve got to remember, these are perceptions, and that’s no guarantee that they’re accurate. Sort it out through trusted relationships that empower you, and through creativity that centers either on your home or on some cause to which you’re dedicated. These will help ground you and allow you some perspective in communication issues–and they’ll make for an especially fulfilling year. Happy Birthday, Leo, and good luck!