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'In the Jungle, Florida' Winslow Homer 1904 {{PD}}

‘In the Jungle, Florida’ Winslow Homer 1904 {{PD}}

Dear Leo, have you been feeling lately like you’re the last of your kind, a King among peasants, a clever big cat among house pets? That’s an overreaction, really, to some recent hurt feelings after you presented something innovative, unique, original–and it wasn’t well received. This coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, Leo, you’ve got a chance to go back to the drawing board; your influences will be unusual, and the result will be more clever, and more sophisticated, than your recent effort, meaning that the next time you float your idea or creation, it will be better and more completely developed, and your audience will too, and so can appreciate your generosity and genius, just as they are. Happy Birthday, and good luck!