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'Market at Jaffa' Gustav Bauernfeind 1887 {{PD}}

‘Market at Jaffa’ Gustav Bauernfeind 1887 {{PD}}

Oh Virgo, are you ready for that new emotional start? Because it’s almost here–but until it arrives, you’ve got some work to do to put yourself in the right situation, the right state of mind and heart, to accept that new start. Now through to your next birthday, one Solar year from now, you’ll need to face a lot of things you’ve been avoiding, and you’ll need to be very clear about your talents, your ‘worth’ (what you can demand for your skills in the marketplace), and you’ll need to establish a social role that supports these. Then, in maybe nine months or so, when Love, or satisfaction, or happiness, or a new level of intuition, walks in your door, you’ll be oh-so-ready to make the most of it. Happy birthday, dear Virgo, and good luck!