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Charles Napier Hemy - 'Running For Home' {{PD}}

Charles Napier Hemy – ‘Running For Home’ {{PD}}

Your empowerment, your ability to move through the world and do what you want, as well as your ability to honor those things you find sacred in life, will all be on the table this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday. The Self-focus and fine-tuned sense of assessment and discernment you’ll need to navigate these matters is available to you–so is the chance to create the ideal home situation or find the mate of your dreams–but you have to be willing to negotiate, to meet personally powerful others face-to-face and stand up, even demand, what you need and want. Trust your judgment, trust your sources of wisdom. You may find yourself sailing some intimidating waters, dear Virgo, but how else can you find such great reward?

Featured birthday aspect: Ceres sextile Pluto=you can change the power and authority situations in your world–will you?