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'The Art of Painting' Johannes Vermeer c1666 {{PD}}

‘The Art of Painting’ Johannes Vermeer c1666 {{PD}}

Though you’re headed for an exceptionally creative year, through to your next birthday, dear Libra, you may find yourself distracted over serious power struggles and territorial disputes in important relationships–it may even reach a point where you feel the partner is trying to suppress your forward progress. Paranoid much? The reality is the partner is only feeling the pressure of her or his own ambitions; your mate doesn’t realize how much pressure they’re inadvertently exerting on you. The way around it is to broaden the scope of some of your aims, so that others can be included in the highly dynamic momentum you will generate with what seems like so little effort–being generous calms the relationship waters and brings unexpected benefits via the gratitude and affections of others. Happy Birthday, Libra, and good luck!