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by Petrus Christus  'St Eligius in His Workshop' (detail) 1449 {{PD}}

by Petrus Christus
‘St Eligius in His Workshop’ (detail) 1449 {{PD}}

You’re coming up on some big choices and even bigger power plays in the foreseeable future, dear Libra–but will you be ready? You’re already feeling burdened–or is it restrained?– by emotional matters. Your feelings and the feelings of others have made barriers and put up walls you dare not cross–and yet these will be the very areas you need to explore if you are to have full access to your own power. It may help you to know that your ambitions and desires are not as big–or as urgently in need of fulfillment–as it feels right now–they can and will wait–and if you continue to work on the power picture, within about 6 months you could be (figuratively speaking) worth your weight in gold. Now that’s something to look forward to! Happy Birthday, Libra, and good luck!