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Creating things the way you want, Libra, doesn't mean taking everything down to the bone. 'Death' by Anita Rée 1925 {{PD}}

Creating things the way you want, Libra, doesn’t mean taking everything down to the bone. ‘Death’ by Anita Rée 1925 {{PD}}

Dear Libra, you seem to be completely consumed right now with clearing out the old and ringing in the new. That’s fine, except you may not be making the kinds of distinctions that keep you from throwing out what you really want to keep; you may be too caught up, now through this Solar year, ending at your next birthday, with transforming your world, and yourself along with it, but you may need to slow down and ask yourself why you’re doing this. There’s a danger that your actions are fueled by not liking who you are right now–and this method of destroying the structures and supports of your life down to the bone means you could wake up the same person, but without those things that normally comfort and aid you–they’ll be gone, felled by your maniacal ax. Determination to fix what’s not working is a good thing, but first you must pause and see what current, great things about you should not just remain, but should be elevated and shared with the world: these include your quick wits, an outstanding ability to work with Mother Nature, your sense of ambition (which makes you focused and effective at getting what you want), your rather amazing talent for healing yourself and others, and your enormous capacity to understand what’s really going on around you–you can share some truly dazzling insights with others, things that can open up their worlds–but first you’ve got to get a good grasp on how talented you really are, before anymore extremist housekeeping occurs 🙂 Happy Birthday, Libra, and good luck!