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'Seal Rock, California' Albert Bierstadt 1872 {{PD}}

‘Seal Rock, California’ Albert Bierstadt 1872 {{PD}}

Of course, there’s an eclipse in just a couple of hours, but you can read about that lots of places (and if you’re interested in my take, you can subscribe and get it all), so I thought I’d share a bit of commentary on the aspects perfecting today that are unrelated to the Lunar eclipse (Full Moon) that begins at 3:51 AM Pacific of the 8th at 15 Aries 05. My discussion of an event like an eclipse keeps to some tight orbs in order to focus the eclipse picture itself, apart from any other influences in force; that way we can sort eclipse effects from others much more easily than if we throw it all in one basket–and yet, since it all occurs within the same time frame, we can’t ignore that there’s more to the day of an eclipse than just the event itself.

8 October is when I’d like to remind everyone that just because there’s a major aspect in the heavens, it doesn’t mean this will show up in the life; interaction of transiting energies with natal factors is far more important than any transiting to transiting aspect. That said, we’ve got two general whammies here, with the action urge, ego, ‘I Am’ in harmony with the social sphere and/ or gathering in knowledge like a sponge, and possibly successfully expanding the individual reach impressively. At the same time we see relationships hit some dark, destructive, below-the-waterline rocks and we wonder how we never noticed those before. Both influences may knock us off course—or onto the right one, should we have been substituting artificial goals for our natural ones. We may need to withdraw or pull back in order to re-group, but this is both temporary and allows us the space we need to sort exaggeration from useful information. (Perfecting today: Saturn parallel Ceres, while Jupiter is contra-parallel both Saturn and Ceres, Mars trine Jupiter, Venus square Pluto)