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Earth and her Moon taken by the Galileo probe 1990 NASA {{PD}}

Earth and her Moon taken by the Galileo probe 1990 NASA {{PD}}

A few bits in this post-eclipse season:

9 October: Merc retro is pulling things we’d rather leave in the past into the present and messing with our feelings of empowerment and effectiveness. Why? As Merc moves backward it pulls things with it like water exiting a drain—and anything left lying around unattended from the past is prime for Mercury to suck, dredge, and serve up. What we see, though, if we look past the sodden mess of Mercury in retreat is our shining ambitions and desires, the pinnacle of what we hope for, high upon the hill; all we need do to reach them is adjust our values and home and mate interactions, just so, allowing us to make both what we have and what we want harmonize. Sweet. (Perfecting today: Juno square Mercury and parallel the South Node, Sun conjunct and parallel Zeus, Earth sesquiquadrate Vesta). Lunar Note: 11 PM PDT the Taurus Moon trines Pluto. You have the power to shape the material world at this point–use it wisely.

10 October: Relationships and finances are calling for adjustment—without the flexibility to accommodate changing situations, we may find ourselves looking at severely outdated interactions sitting in for real relationships, and severely reduced financial circumstances substituting for dynamic earning and attracting. We have the chance to engineer bounty—do it! Take opportunities, respond to circumstances as they are, not as you wish they were, and listen—others are there to help, whether it’s with advice or by example, whether they’ll be showing you how to do ‘it’, or warning you off by their own poor choices. (Perfecting today: Merc enters Libra, Venus quincunx Chiron, Sun sextile Jupiter)

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