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Max Kurzweil 1899 Mujer con un vestido amarillo (Woman in a yellow dress) {{PD}}

Max Kurzweil 1899 Mujer con un vestido amarillo (Woman in a yellow dress) {{PD}}

You are concentrating keenly on your life’s mission this Solar year, dear Libra, through to your next birthday. You are driven, by passion, by belief or life philosophy, by the need to share your knowledge, and you expect cooperation and support from others–and yet, what you need to remember is that your agenda is not the agenda of most (if not all) of those who surround you. You’ll need to exercise your legendary diplomacy, of course, but most important may be the way you’ll need to shelter both your emotions and your creative energies; either or both can be too easily hurt, out of hyper-sensitivity, both of the feeling senses and of your creative ideas: you need to be sure they are fully formed and completely thought out before you present them–and that may take a little more time than you want it to–but it will be time well-spent, and assure that what you bring forward will survive and thrive–and that you will, too. Happy Birthday, Libra, and good luck!

Solar Return focus on: Venus sextile Jupiter. Does this promise bounty? Yes and no–it promises more, but if relationships or finances aren’t going well . . . you get the picture–this doesn’t change the current situation so much as enhance it greatly–so you may see it in new, exaggerated form and so see how to modify it to bring you more of what you actually want. This contact also suggests that the matters of the three (or more, depending on the system used) Houses ruled by Venus and Jupiter will act in concert exceptionally well at this time, so if you have a venture involving one or more of these, now may be the time to launch it (provided your plans are already in place and no further paperwork or agreements are needed at this time, and it is not Mercury-ruled or related–Merc retro–otherwise, wait until after direction).