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Go ahead, Libra, live it up! 'Woman Holding Fireworks', India, Artist unknown 19th century {{PD}}

Go ahead, Libra, live it up! ‘Woman Holding Fireworks’, India, Artist unknown 19th century {{PD}}

Do you feel like you’re going to burst, dear Libra? Don’t worry, everybody does, since we’re coming up on a burst-worthy Solar eclipse. In terms of your Solar year, through to your next birthday, this schedules you for about two months of mild tension and confusion followed by a new start that is smart for you, brings positives into the life (financial, love-related, or just through expressions of what you value), and that holds the potential both to offer you some serious healing as well as the opportunity to master some unique skills that you have a genuine talent for. We also see the possibility for significant expansion of your world and just in general for ‘more’–which is the best argument ever for always trying your best and including as many good things in the life as possible–because you don’t want more of the bad or boring, do you? Happy Birthday, Libra, and good luck!