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Der Zirkus - Georges Seurat {{PD}}

Der Zirkus – Georges Seurat {{PD}}

Welcome to the fun-house, Scorpio (if you’re a Libra born the 23rd, please see the Born Today for the 22nd). This year, through to your next birthday, may be one intense ride toward fulfillment of one or more of your goals–or at the very least, toward launching something important in your life. The good news? Your choices will be smart and likely result in reward or profit of one kind or another. The less good news? Reasoning may be flawed, which could set up problems for later (and consider that you may choose well but then delay success through poor planning). If you’re not working toward a material triumph of some kind, you may be called on (even forced) to devote a lot of time and energy to relationships, which may feel ‘new’ even when they’re not, making it all that much tougher to sort out. But, it will be an amazing year where chances are high Love or Money comes your way, and your creativity and ability to heal and make progress are tested. Happy Birthday, and good luck!