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Georges Seurat 'Port-en-Bessin: The Outer Harbor (Low Tide)' 1888

Georges Seurat ‘Port-en-Bessin: The Outer Harbor (Low Tide)’ 1888

Soul, heart, mind, and common sense are all in alignment over the coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Scorpio–but what does all that inner harmony bring you? Besides a magnetism that rivals the tides, you may find the mentality is burdened by a lot of ambition and an inability to think in a straight line–which means you can seem so wrapped up in yourself that you alienate others. The emotions in you run deep over the coming year, but may be kept under wraps, out of fear or a desire to suppress those feelings you’d rather not acknowledge; you may question your own motives and strength, and so may undermine what you could excel at, earning and lovin’. Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

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