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Consuelo Fould - Louison la bouquetiere {{PD}}

Consuelo Fould – Louison la bouquetiere {{PD}}

Healing personal relationships or your own relationship to money, assets, and/ or material matters may be a big focus this coming year, dear Scorpio, through to your next birthday. Ways in which you’ve previously been radical, unpredictable, and unreliable have created difficulties that can’t be left unattended any longer. This freedom-embracing approach may not have seemed like it was damaging anything at the time, but others may not have seen your need for independence and marching to your own drummer as anything other than you being contrary and running away from responsibility–and now’s the time to fix all that. Your biggest assets this year will be a willingness to face darkness and the unpleasant and do what needs to be done, and a willingness to allow your big heart to show. Normally you are a brave and incredibly kind individual who hides this under a more cavalier banner–it’s time to own up to your sensitivity and the great difference you can make for others–that’s not what others are expecting, but it is what you have planned. Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

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