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You won't have to water ambitions down, if you'll just wait a little. Juan Gris  'Glass and Water Bottle' 1917 {{PD}}

You won’t have to water ambitions down, if you’ll just wait a little. Juan Gris
‘Glass and Water Bottle’ 1917 {{PD}}

You seem to be weighing and measuring your ambitions, dear Scorpio, and trying to decide whether the material environment will support you making your dream happen right now. Though it doesn’t seem like the likely thing, compromise is the idea that will get you where you want to go–not as in watering-down your dream in order to get some traction, but as in taking a considered approach that keeps values and already-established priorities in a position of honor. Do that and and before you know it both significant resources and external aid (in the form of knowledge or possibly social trends or organizations) will arrive and give your goals the needed fuel. Until then, enjoy your year, and take advantage of your current ability to discern the unspoken and ignored undercurrents in communication; you are especially good at reading between the lines, and can learn a lot as a consequence. Happy Birthday, Scorpio, and good luck!

This comment came from reader ‘Joe’: “Rats. I was so looking forward to my own Born Today, but we all need to do self-care from time to time.” So true, Joe, about the Self-care–but I will catch up with ‘Born Today’–keep checking in!